GiftsNC | Homeschooling the disabled child.

About GIFTSNC, Inc.

GIFTSNC was founded on May 2, 2001 as a Yahoo support and communication group. GIFTSNC began as a place where parents in North Carolina who home school one or more children with physical, developmental, medical, communication or learning challenges could find other families facing similar challenges. We have now expanded our organization across the country.

We have been able to discuss and exchange ideas regarding  curriculum choices and modifications, medical and therapy issues, and providing social opportunities. We have been able to support each other as we work to meet the daily challenges of rearing, guiding and teaching our children. Our hearts soar each time we celebrate a child's successes and achievements. It has become more than a group of like-minded people. GIFTSNC has become an extended family.

On July 9, 2005, a small group of GIFTSNC members met with the purpose of guiding the group through the next big steps of forming an incorporation, becoming a non-profit, and organizing our first GIFTSNC, Inc. Home-Educating Special Needs Conference and Exhibitor's Hall. With incredible enthusiasm, many dedicated individuals worked to guide our group in attaining this goal. The GIFTSNC, Inc. Board of Directors continues to work hard to provide a unique conference experience for families who are home-educating special needs children.